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Corporate Events


Let us represent your organization at its best

As a full-service catering and event organization, we support our corporate clientele by handling all the details. We coordinate everything from venue, decor, flowers and floral designs, to music, light, and photography, along with selecting food and beverages appropriate to your event. Our goal is to present your guests with a memorable and delectable experience that will represent your organization at its best. From the most simple of meetings to the most elaborate of celebrations and conferences, be it mellow or extravagant, our team has the experience and the creative firepower to deliver the extraordinary and exceed expectations every time.

Why choose us for your event?

  • We understand the impact that entertaining can have on building strategic professional relationships.
  • We can help you entertain international clients with authentic cuisine.
  • We can customize California fare to meet the palates of the guests.
  • We love creating menus than complement a variety of dietary styles and taste preferences: vegans, Paleo, food enthusiasts, light grazers, vegans, Kosher eaters, vegetarians, and many, many more.

Services offered:

Planning and budgeting
Venue selection
Theme generation
Floor plan and room design
Customized menus
Bar service options
Flowers and floral design (we collaborate with excellent florists)
Entertainment and event flow agenda


Let us design your next event!