San Francisco Bay Area Catering and Events for 30 Years!

A labor of love

Preparing, cooking and serving a handmade meal is a labor of love; it is a world-recognized way to extend a warm welcome and show honor and care for another. Time and again, Karen and her team create an authentic and soulful offering to guests within ceremonial, corporate, celebrational and private home gatherings. At our events, guests can taste it – every event is an organic effort, authored by both the company and the client.

Getting to know you…making your light shine

An exceptional feature of working with us is the degree to which we get to know you – learning your priorities and what matters to you as the host/hosting organization. We don't run away with the agenda, there's no template to fit you into and developing your event is a collaboration. However, you can be as involved or as hands-off as you wish! Our mission is to present you and/or your organization in an authentic and brilliant way that will dazzle your guests and make you shine.